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Where is the best Crab Cake Sandwich ever? Connecticut? Maryland? Maine? Louisiana?Florida? No, the best crab cake sandwich you will ever eat is located in Old Town, Alexandria.

The best crab cake sandwich is served atop a soft potato roll.  A simple slice of tomato and lettuce are added to the top part of the bun. The sandwich is served with tasty golden fresh fries along with the the customary wedge of lemon. A side of remoulade with an ever slight tang accompanies the dish.

How’s the actual crab?  The local bay Maryland crab is fresh, chunky, and plentiful and served on the bun with a delicate brown sear.  The brown sear creates a superb exterior crust that retains the moisture of the crab without drying it out.

The Wharf, at 119 King Street in Old Town, Alexandria, has long been touted as one of the best crab cakes in the DC area and is a top 10 on most everybody’s list.  Is this the best?  Well, the Wharf’s crab cake sandwich is delicious.  However there is one that I have found is a little better.

C’mon already man.  Where can you get this delectable seafood concoction?

Kudos to the Chef at Union Street Public House, at 101 S. Union Street in Old Town Alexandria, for his outstanding crab cake sandwich.  The crab cake sandwich is nothing short of amazing. There are some good ones in old town: The Wharf, Hank’s Oyster Bar, The Warehouse, Blackwall Hitch, Chart House and Vola’s.  However, the best is the new creation at Union Street Public House.

What truly sets this sandwich apart from the others is more crab and less cake (aka filler).  There seems to be just enough “cake” to hold the delectable crab pieces together and that is perfect.

If you try the sandwich and don’t agree that it is the best you ever had then please post where your favorite is so that I can give it a try.

Of course, crab cakes pair well with a brew or two and trying out a new place will also give me an excuse to add a couple more beers to my Untappd list.  By the way, Union Street Public House also has a great selection of brews to enjoy while you savor their extraordinary crab cake sandwich.


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  1. I thought Vola’s crabcake was one of the worst I have had. It had no lump crab and was very mushy. I agree that Blackwall Hitch makes a very good one. Now I’m anxious to try your favorite at Union St Public House because I’m always in search of “the best crabcake” with lots of lump crab and practically no filler. I hate when a restaurant adds green peppers or other veggies and really dislike Old Bay in a crabcake. That should be reserved for steamed crabs.

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