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Old Town Residents to Receive 65 Gallon Wheeled Trash Cans | By Jennifer Holtzman | Old Town Post

Old Town residents are going to receive City-issued trash cans this fall. The trash can will be a 65 gallon container with wheels. One important note, especially if garage or storage space is already tight, is that residents must opt-out prior to delivery if they do not want a city provided trash can.

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Here is additional information from the City’s website regarding the distribution of trash containers to Old Town residents . . .

Distribution of Trash Containers to Old Town Residents:  Good news for residents of Old Town Alexandria.  Beginning September 2016, Old Town residents who receive City-provided trash service will have the opportunity to receive a City-issued wheeled trash container. The new trash container will match the standard 65-gallon container that is provided to other City residents.  There will be no additional charge for a City-issued container.  Residents who prefer not to use a City-issued container will be given an opportunity to ‘opt-out’ prior to the delivery period.  The wheeled carts with lids are easy to move, reduce spillage, and reduce chance of injury for our trash collectors.


  • Why is this change being made?
    • In the past, Old Town residents have not been provided City-issued trash containers and have either had to provide their own or put their trash out in bags.
  • Who is paying for this?
    • In response to numerous requests for City-issued trash containers in Old Town, City staff and council members worked to budget the purchase of trash containers in FY 2017.
  • Am I required to get a City-issued container?
    • These containers are optional for Old Town residents. Those who wish to continue setting out their own cans or bags can continue doing so.
  • What do the containers look like?/What kind of container is it?
    • The City-issued containers will match the new City standard 65- gallon trash containers issued to residents throughout the City.
  • When will I get my new City standard trash container?
    • Currently we are projecting the distribution of the new containers for early this coming fall.
  • How do I get more information?
    • The Resource Recovery will contact Old Town residents with more information closer to the projected distribution day.


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