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TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Metro Disruptions, Beltway Outer Loop Closure Cause Delays | News Release | City of Alexandria

 Alexandria travelers may be affected by two transportation-related incidents during this evening’s rush hour. 

  • Due to defective rail fasteners in the area of Smithsonian Station, all Metrorail Orange and Blue line trains will share a single track between Federal Center SW and Smithsonian stations. Orange and Blue line trains will be subject to delays of 20-40 minutes as rail traffic alternates through the affected area. Customers on these lines may experience significantly longer waits and crowding on platforms and trains. Customers traveling to/from Virginia stations south of Pentagon to consider the Yellow Line as an alternate to the Blue Line. This disruption is also affecting the Silver Line. Visit the Metro web site for more details.  
  • The Outer Loop of the Capital Beltway between St. Barnabas Road and Branch Avenue has been closed due to a fuel spill. 

 Travelers are advised to use alternate routes, and to monitor ongoing traffic reports.

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