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Nasime Japanese Restaurant at 1209 King Street in Old Town Alexandria Opening Sunday 10/23 | Fireman Mike | Old Town Post


Nasime Logo Image from Nasime FaceBook Page

Nasime Japanese Restaurant announced on their FaceBook Page that they will be opening Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. with a limited menu.

Nasime announced the following:

Finally we are opening this Sunday 10/23.
Since it is beginning, we only offer 5 course tasting only… sorry for inconvenience. I appreciate your continuous support for long years.

Here is menu for opening.
Please note: All menu items subject to
change based on availability. 

C1: Marinated Sakuna Bay Salmon, Zuke-Japanese yellowtail, Kobu-infused Japanese Madai Sea-Bream w/ Yuzu-Ponzu Gelee

C2: Potato Crusted West Coast “Mino-age” Oyster & Scallop stuffed Lotus Root “Hasami-Age”

C3: Sanyo-Yuan NZL Lamb chop, Eggplant Yuzu-Dengaku

C4: Maple Leaf Duck Breast & “Matsutake” Mushroom Udon-suki

C5: House-Made Chestnuts Gelato & Espresso Cube, Kinako, Kuromitsu


焼物:山椒幽庵 ニュージーランドラムチョップ 茄子柚子田楽
鍋:合鴨・松茸 うどんすき


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