Firefighters Respond To Report of Inside Gas Leak at La Tasca on King Street | Fireman Mike | Old Town Post

The Alexandria Fire Department (AFD) responded to La Tasca, at 607 King Street in Old Town, Alexandria for a reported inside gas leak. Firefighter crews were on the scene at La Tasca around 11:35 a.m..

AFD Engine 201, Engine 204, Truck 209 and Battalion Chief 211 responded to handle the call.  

The driver of Engine 201 was Firefighter Tina Earley. She quickly positioned the engine at the fire hydrant at the intersection of King and N. St. Asaph. She immediately hooked the Engine’s side intake up to the fire hydrant in order to establish a water supply. 

King Street between St.Asaph and Washington Streets was closed to traffic for about 15 minutes today, on October 24, 2016, because of the reported gas leak. 

Firefighter crews were packing up equipment and preparing to leave the scene at 11:46 a.m. Engine 204 left the scene at 11:50 a.m.. The remaining firefighters left the scene a few minutes later with the exception of Engine 201.

Engine 201 and the Washington Gas Company still remained on the scene. Engine 201 cleared the scene at 12:26 p.m..

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