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Adults and Youth in Alexandria to “Shock” Alcohol Purchasers | News Release | City of Alexandria

On November 5, teams of youth and adults from the City of Alexandria will “shock” purchasers of alcohol by placing bright red warning stickers on multi-packs of beer and other alcohol products in Alexandria and Arlington stores. Sticker Shock is a youth-led initiative designed to educate adults who might purchase alcohol legally and provide it to minors.

The stickers contain warnings about the serious penalties for furnishing alcohol to minors. In Virginia, it is a Class 1 misdemeanor, with a punishment of up to $2,500 and up to 12 months in jail, or both. In addition to these penalties, a person found guilty shall have his or her driver’s license suspended.

Research shows that it is easy for youth to obtain alcohol. National polls report that youth ages 13 and older, say it is easy to get alcohol from adults ― sometimes from their own parents, who themselves may have drinking problems.[1]

The Sticker Shock campaign will kick off with a press conference at the Alexandria Department of Community and Human Services, 720 North St. Asaph Street, Alexandria, at 10 a.m. on Saturday, November 5. Following the press conference, teams of youth and adults will travel throughout the city to visit more than 50 participating retailers and affix the warning stickers.

Sticker Shock is sponsored by the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Alexandria (SAPCA); Alexandria Department of Community and Human Services; Alexandria Department of Recreation; Parks and Cultural Activities; Alexandria Police Department; Alexandria Sheriff’s Office; and Virginia ABC.

SAPCA is an alliance of 80 members whose mission is to engage the community in reducing youth substance use in Alexandria.

[1] www.jointogether.org/news/headlines/inthenews/2009/alcoholism-among-pre-teens.html

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