Notice to Metroway Customers: Panel Replacement Underway December 5–22 | News Release | City of Alexandria

Beginning Monday, December 5, the panels at the Metroway shelters along U.S. Route 1 will be replaced. During the removal and re-installation of the panels, bus service will not be affected. Station platforms will be open for embarking and disembarking buses, but the bus shelters will be off-limits to the public as crews work on the back side of the  shelters. The work will begin at the East Glebe Road station and proceed southbound, with lane closures on Route 1 as needed.

For each shelter, the wall panels will be removed while leaving the roof intact. The next day the new panels will be installed. The replacement of the panels is necessary due to a manufacturer’s defect that was identified following installation of the original panels.

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