Hand Print Workshop Opening | News Release | Athenaeum


Process & Innovation:
20 years of Partnerships in Print
at Hand Print Workshop International
Opening Reception: Sunday, February 26, 4 – 6 pm (free)
Gallery Talk: Saturday, March 4, 3 pm (free)
 A two-decade retrospective of nationally and internationally acclaimed screen prints featuring the collaborative works of master printmaker Dennis O’Neil and other noted artists from around the world will be exhibited in the Athenaeum Gallery from February 23 through April 2, 2017.

New Dream Building,William Christenberry, 2007, collage and drawing, wax medium, oil paint/ Arches 88 paper, 32 x 26″
The show will feature 36 prints representing the working partnerships between Dennis O’Neil and 21 artists, including Bill Christenberry, Vitaly Komar and Aleksandr Melamid, as well as Renee Stout, Robert Cushner, and Y. David Chung. The works were created in the studio O’Neil founded in Alexandria in 1984: Handprint Workshop International.

Left to right:
Loss of Innocence, Helen Frederick, 2007, wax medium, oil paint/ hand made paper, 48″ diam.
Last Iceberg, Dennis O’Neil, 2008, wax medium, oil paint, 25.75 x 23.75″
See-Line-Woman, Renée Stout, 2009, wax medium, oil paint/ Arches 88 paper, 41 x 30″
The championing of unique printing techniques that helped transform printmaking into a powerful contemporary art form both in the United States and Russia will be the topic of a Gallery Talk moderated by art historian and independent curator and critic Sarah Tanguy Saturday, March 4, from 3 to 5 pm. Tanguy will be joined by O’Neil as well as Y. David Chung, Steven Cushner, Alexander Djikia, Vera Khlebnikova, and Renee Stout.


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