Resource Recovery Announcements: Mulch Delivery + Yard Waste Collection + More | News Release | City of Alexandria

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.51.11 PM.pngResource Recovery Announcements

• Mulch Delivery – Place Orders Starting March 6
• Yard Waste Collection
• Spring Street Cleaning
• Composting & Food Waste
More Information:
Mulch Delivery – Place Orders Starting March 6
Starting Monday, March 6, orders can be placed for delivery of mulch throughout April, May and June.  Delivery dates and times are limited, and appointments are on a first come first served basis.  Remember, mulch is free to residents and available for pick up 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Mon. through Sat., 4215 Eisenhower Ave. starting March 6.  There is a $50 delivery charge for either a half truck load (3 CY) or a full load (6 CY).  For more information visit: alexandriava.gov/YardWaste.
Yard Waste Collection
Just a reminder that yard waste is collected separately from your trash and recycling.  Yard waste typically includes sticks, twigs, grass, leaves, and dead plants, which should be placed in a reusable, hard-sided container or paper yard waste bags and placed at your regular collection point.  Bulky yard-waste collection is arranged by calling 703-746-4357 (HELP). ‘Yard Waste Only’ decals are available to attach to your reusable container.  These decals make it easier for collection crews to identify your yard waste container. Yard waste is either composted or mulched to make a natural alternative to chemical fertilizer. For more information visit: alexandriava.gov/YardWaste.
City-wide Street Sweeping & Spring Cleaning Begins March 13
Each year at the beginning of spring, crews from the Resource Recovery Division increase efforts to clean city streets, helping to keep our neighborhoods and commercial corridors clean and protect our waterways. Litter, debris, and leftover grit from winter road maintenance can clog storm sewers and pollute our lakes and rivers. This year’s clean-up effort begins Monday, March 13. Residents may see “No Parking” signs in some neighborhoods, especially along commercial corridors cleaning in this area will take place at night from 10:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. (up to 7 days a week).  Because some curbs are not accessible to mechanical sweepers, residents can help by cleaning the curb in front of their home and ensuring that nearby storm drains are not blocked. Street sweeping debris can be thrown away as regular trash. Residents can also request street cleaning on their block by using Call.Click.Connect. or calling 703.746.4357 (HELP).
Composting & Food Waste
Spring is the perfect time to start composting. Are you planning now to clean up your front or back yard? Remember, when you’re raking old leaves out from underneath bushes and flower beds, make sure to save and reuse these items, because they can be mixed with grass clippings to make compost.  Perhaps give trench composting a try, it requires nothing more than a shovel and some yard space. Dig a hole approximately ten to twelve inches deep, add roughly four to six inches of compostable materials, such as kitchen scraps, spent garden plants, prunings, thinnings, and weeds, and bury it with the soil you dug out of the trench. The food waste breaks down quickly and the earth worms love it! To learn more about composting visit: alexandriava.gov/YardWaste.

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