Oops! Having Some Technical Issues with New Recipe Feature | Jennifer Holtzman | Old Town Post

Dear Old Town Post Subscribers,

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 12.24.57 PMDo you remember on FRIENDS when Rachel made the trifle for Thanksgiving. But the pages in the cook book stuck together and she made the triffle shepards’ pie hybrid thing that tasted like feet? Well, that’s kinda what happened on Old Town Post.

I regret that you’ve received two recipe posts that make no sense. I’ve been working with technical support both yesterday and today on a new recipe feature for Old Town Post. It’s a rather tedious process of inserting my recipe over the code of their recipe.

Unfortunately, in this process the Happiness Engineers at Tech Support published the draft we’ve been working on not once but twice. I was able to immediately delete the post from OldTownPost.com but I am obviously unable to retrieve the posts that were emailed to you.

Sorry for any confusion. And look for my Recipe for Two: Mustard Fish coming soon! It’s an easy delicious weeknight supper ;-).



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