Alexandria Police Department Transitions to New Records Management System | News Release | City of Alexandria

For Immediate Release

The Alexandria Police Department is transitioning to a new Records Management System (RMS) and Field Based Reporting (FBR) system beginning Friday, March 31, 2017. These two systems (RMS and FBR) allow officers to electronically complete police incident reports in the field. This is a significant implementation of core technology systems that, in part, will produce more efficient officer workflows, better data collection, and enhanced reporting capabilities. The department has long emphasized the importance of collecting, reporting, and analyzing data that is both timely and accurate. These new systems will grow to be an improvement upon our current capabilities.

Implementing these core systems is a major undertaking and the department’s first priority is to ensure the core functionality of the new software is working seamlessly for our officers. After that, all the ancillary systems and resources will be finalized to work with the new RMS.

It is important to note two public resources will not be updated with new information immediately after this implementation:

For both the Community Crime Map and the City Crime Database Search, the publicly available system (displaying crime information) will not be immediately updated with incidents after March 31. The Community Crime Map and City Crime Database Search will be restored to display current incidents once the new systems are completely updated. Incidents that occurred during the update process will also be added with the completed update.

The Alexandria Police Department anticipates both these resources will start receiving new data by the end of May. In the interim, if you have questions about a specific criminal incident, please contact the Public Information Office at 703.746.6600.

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