Spring2ACTion: Support the Arts by Donating to the Alexandria Film Festival | News Release | Alexandria Film Festival

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Good Afternoon AFF Insiders,

I have been a supporter of the Non-profit Alexandria Film Festival for the past 11 years.  We are proud to bring ideas, civil discussion, upcoming filmmakers, and film screenings of the best in independent filmmaking to the city of Alexandria!  Every year we host between 40-50 filmmakers and approximately 45 independent films (animation, features, shorts, and documentaries) at locations across the city.  We ask for your support in helping us sustain the community celebration of film arts this year at Spring2ACTion!

Please donate if you can.  https://spring2action.razoo.com/story/Alexandria-Film-Festival

Thank you for helping bring films these special films to Alexandria.  We are grateful to have our own homegrown, volunteer-run film festival right here in Alexandria and we appreciate your continued support!

Thank you,
Margaret Wohler
Alexandria Film Festival

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