Resource Recovery Announcements: Free Leaf Bags, Food Waste Collection at Farmers’ Markets, Holiday Trash Schedule, and More | News Release | City of Alexandria

Resource Recovery Announcements
• Trash Collection Holiday Schedule
• Free Leaf Bags Available
• Trash & Yard Waste Containers
• Donate Unwanted Winter Clothing
• Food Waste Collection at Farmers’ Markets
• Bottled Water: Resist the Convenience
 More Information:
Trash Collection Holiday Schedule
Residential trash and recycling will be collected on the regular weekday schedule on Thanksgiving Day, November, 23. Visit alexandriava.gov/ResourceRecovery for more information.
Free Leaf Bags Available 
Residents who receive City-provided trash collection are welcome to pick up free leaf bags (15 bag limit per visit) at some of the City’s community centers and City Hall. Leaf bags are collected curbside on your regular trash collection day.  Collected leaves are made into mulch which is available in the spring.  Visit alexandriava.gov/LeafCollection for locations and details.
City Issuing Smaller Trash Containers and Converting Old Containers for Yard Waste
In an effort to right-size refuse collection and encourage Alexandria to continue its current trend of recycling more and creating less trash, the City has moved to a smaller-sized standard for its trash container.  We are phasing out the 96-gallon green container and are issuing 65-gallon black containers for trash. As part of that phase-out, we are launching a limited program during which targeted areas receive new trash cans and the option to convert their old 96-gallon green cans to yard waste only. Over the next several weeks, residents in the targeted areas will receive new containers and more details about this green container conversion,. In coming years, as budget allows, we will expand the conversion program to other neighborhoods.  For more information visit alexandriava.gov/RefuseCollection
Donate Unwanted Winter Clothing
With temperatures dropping, some prepare themselves by getting into a new winter jacket. Consider donating your unwanted jacket rather than moving it to the back of the closet.  By donating now, charities will have time to distribute these items prior to the arrival of cold weather.  Look for clothing donation boxes located throughout the City or go to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store.  Visit alexandriava.gov/Recycling for more ‘reuse’ ideas.
Food Waste Collection at Farmers’ Markets 
Please join your neighbors and drop-off food waste at the City’s Farmers’ Markets.  Over 20,000 visits have been logged by folks dropping off food waste at the Resource Recovery Stations located at the Farmers’ Markets. The result? Approximately, 100 tons has been composted into a natural fertilizer.  Staff is available at the stations to tell you about the program and sell you a collection tub for $5.  For more information, visit alexandriava.gov/FarmersMarket
Bottled Water: Resist the Convenience 
Nobody can deny that drinking water from a single-use disposable container is convenient when no water fountain is available.  But bottled water requires up to 2,000 times more energy to source, bottle and transport than water prepared by our local utility.  In addition, millions of used plastic bottles end up in our waterways and oceans.  Take a quick quiz to determine your ‘bottled water impact’ on our community and the earth.  It’s fun and surprising!


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