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Touring the Old Dominion Boat Club’s New Clubhouse


The new Old Dominion Boat Club (ODBC) clubhouse is just about complete. Members have been anxious to see the new building and just recently got their chance. My husband, Miles, and I along with many others took the official tour of this gorgeous building this past weekend.



Our official tour guide was ODBC Governor Ernie Dauray. He walked us through both the outside and inside of the new property offering a wealth of info on the new property. You can see pictures here of the outside of the building and the parking lot. Notice the grey brick in the parking lot? These mimic the lines typically painted on for parking spaces. Clever! Current President, Richard Banchoff, offered tidbits while walking through with our group that featured two past presidents — my husband, Miles, and Mason Ebhardt.

Ground Floor

The clubhouse can be entered from both Prince Street and the parking lot. The lobby area has two rooms that feature an open counter each. This space could be used for things like guests checking in to the clubhouse as well as a coat check. Governor, Carolyn Bell, used the space to welcome folks and check them in for the many tours they conducted over the weekend.

This level is also home to the walk-in coolers. The ground floor has a mens and ladies room that feature day lockers and private showers. The ground level also features storage areas — something that the old clubhouse unfortunately did not boast much of. The storage areas will be used for club equipment, trash, kayaks and bicycles. The storage can be accessed from inside the clubhouse as well as from the outdoor area (you can see the green doors from the outside of the building).

The Lower Deck

The lower deck features the ballroom, catering kitchen, small bar, and large patio. Lovely star chandeliers dance on the ceiling in the ballroom. This ballroom will be used for club events, membership meetings, as well as rental space for private functions.

The Upper Deck

The Upper Deck features, among other things, the taproom with a small balcony toward the river as well as tiny square balcony toward Prince Street. This tiny balcony is a nod to the former Beachcomber that was previously at this location. Governor Dee Beresford, who was manning the taproom, thinks it will be nice to put a Christmas tree out there for the communities enjoyment come holiday time.

The floor features a beautiful wooden floor on the inside with an inlay of lighter wood. Perhaps a nod to a nautical stripe? Also, featured on this level is the multi-purpose room. The Upper Deck also houses the main kitchen that will serve fare to the Tap Room. The Tap Room features a beautiful U shaped bar, three fixed televisions on the wall, as well as other televisions that can be moved around the club depending on the occasion and need.

The Tap Room features blend of bar seating, table seating, and lounge seating to be enjoyed by members and their guests. Governor Beresford also said that the coffee tables are on the way and they’re looking at some high top tables for members enjoyment.


The Rooftop has stunning views of the Potomac and Old Town. The rooftop is also where the heating and air-conditioning units are discreetly housed. And, probably most important to members, is the rooftop features a large outdoor usable space for many of the boat club’s various social and charitable events.

As a side note, our wedding song was Up on the Roof ;-).  Hope you enjoyed the photo tour!

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