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Mia’s in Old Town — Homemade Italian Comfort Food . . . without a Curse

Mia’s is new to, what many consider, the cursed “100 King”. This fresh spot serves up homemade Italian comfort food. The decor feels like a contemporary take on where Frank Sinatra would have been hanging out 70 years ago. It’s a great energetic atmosphere and when the weather is appropriate they open up the enormous floor to celing doors so the vibe of King Street can sing its way inside.

We like to sit at the bar. They’ve done well in their hiring of bartenders — interesting, personable, and professional. In fact, the first couple time we went we must of had 15 bartenders and managers ask us if we were locals. And I appreciate that they would want to know who could potentially become a regular versus someone popping in for a quick visit to our heavily touristed town.

If you were traveling with the kiddos I imagine the pizza bar would be an interesting place to sit to keep them entertained. And speaking of the pizza, delicious! They sell it by the slice — it’s really two slices so perfect to share if you’re just looking for a little nibble. And this pizza by the slice isn’t what you got at the shopping mall foodcourt in the 90’s. This is good gourmet sophisticated stuff! One of my other favorites is the spaghetti pomodoro. You can  obviously tell the noodles are fresh and homemade. Super yummy. In fact, everything is fresh made in house daily — and you can really tell — delish!

delicious deets . . .

my favs -> house made spaghetti with pomodoro sauce (viktoria’s pomodoro) / sunday salad / the grinder / pizza with prosciutto and arugula / pepperoni pizza (truth be told we love these items so much we haven’t ventured to try anything else — we come with a craving)

perks -> 1/2 price appetizers at the bar for happy hour / 1/2 price bottles of wine on wednesday / bar / backs on some of the barstools / late night food / cloth napkins

serving -> italian / pizza by the slice / lunch / dinner / family style brunch / late night

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