Energy Masters 2018 Training Program | News Release | City of Alexandria


Last Call for Energy Masters 2018 Training Program

Energy Masters, an award-winning program that promotes a more energy efficient and sustainable community, is accepting community and student (age 16 or older) volunteer applications for the 2018-2019 training program, which begins October 4. Volunteers complete a training course on energy efficiency and water conservation techniques to equip them to deliver community education and outreach programs in Northern Virginia. To date, more than 220 volunteers have been trained and performed thousands of hours of community service to improve energy efficiency in the homes of nearly 1,000 families living in affordable housing in Arlington County and the City of Alexandria. The Office of Housing provides support to the program.

For more information, including an overview of the program requirements and fall training dates, or to begin the application process, click here. You can also contact Mary Sanders, Energy Masters Program Coordinator at maryks@vt.edu or 202-731-4893.

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