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Proposed 2020 Budget for the Department of Transportation & Environmental Services | News Release | City of Alexandria

Fiscal Year 2020 Proposed Budget for the Department of Transportation & Environmental Services

On February 19, the City Manager proposed a $761.1 million General Fund operating budget for Fiscal Year 2020, with no tax rate increases. The Department of Transportation & Environmental Services’ (T&ES) proposed all funds operating budget for FY 2020 is $60,621,507. To view the T&ES proposed FY 2020 Budget, click here.

City Council will hold a work session on the Environmental Sustainability portion of the FY 2020 Proposed Budget on Wednesday, March 20, in the Sister Cities conference room 1101 at City Hall, 301 King St., beginning at 7 p.m. For a complete schedule of FY 2020 Proposed Budget meetings, visit

The following information provides residents with a summary of T&ES service adjustments for the proposed FY 2020 fiscal year (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020) budget:

Residential Refuse Fee Increase

The City of Alexandria collects trash from its residential customers once a week on a designated collection day, Monday through Thursday. Residential customers are charged a Solid Waste User Fee on the residential tax bill on a bi-yearly basis. Residences that are subject to tax relief (elderly, nonprofits, etc.) are exempt from paying the refuse fee. As proposed, beginning in FY 2020, the residential refuse fee will increase from $373 to $406 per household due to increases in contractor costs and the impact of China’s new strict recycling processing standards.

As part of the WasteSmart initiative passed by City Council on January 12, 2019, the City Manager recommended an additional $200,000 on the Alternative Options List. This would result in an additional $10 per customer annually to initiate a glass drop-off program, Recycle Right campaign, and reduce and reuse programming. For more information about the WasteSmart program, visit

Spring Cleanup Conversion to Year-Round Bulk Pickup

The T&ES yearly Spring Cleanup program will be converted to weekly pickup, increasing convenience for residents and decreasing costs to the City. As part of the change, the Resource Recovery Division will publish an online directory for donation, repair, and reuse alternatives for items typically disposed of during Spring Cleanup.

Arlandria Street Cleaning

To improve commercial corridor vitality, $50,000 is being added for contracted sidewalk and street cleaning services for the Arlandria corridor (Mount Vernon Ave. from South Glebe Rd. to Commonwealth Ave.). Improvements include increased general sidewalk cleaning and litter collection, with a minimum frequency of twice weekly.

Sanitary and Stormwater Utility Fees Remain Flat

The Sanitary Sewer and Stormwater Utility fees remain flat in FY 2020, leaving the Sanitary Sewer fee at $2.28 per thousand gallons for water used, and the bill for the average homeowner at $140 per year for the Stormwater Utility.

Temporary “No Parking” Signage Service Converts to Self-service

This eliminates installation by City staff of temporary paper no parking signs for moving and other activities impacting street parking. Starting as a pilot program for moving truck signage, this becomes a citizen self- service phased in over the next few years. City staff assigned to this process will be trained and reallocated towards signal technician services.

DASH Impacts

Pending approval by the Alexandria Transit Company’s Board of Directors, the budget proposes an increase in the base DASH Bus fare from $1.75 to $2.00, to match the base fare for Metrobus, the Fairfax County Connector, and Arlington Transit. The monthly pass would increase from $45 to $50. These increases would not take effect until after Metro’s summer platform work concludes in September 2019. Although there will likely be many special shuttles and other service accommodations associated with the summer station closures, no permanent changes are being proposed to DASH Bus routes, stops, frequency, or other service at this time. Such changes may result from the Alexandria Transit Vision study process currently underway.

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