Postcards from Jiles

Postcards from Jiles . . .

Update on the update: We’ve unpinned this post. lol.

Update: We’re still getting so many comments, compliments, and questions about our month in Europe we decided to pin our Postcards from Jiles to the top of Old Town Post for a bit. When reading we recommend scrolling to the beginning of the Postcards category so you can follow how our Oceania luxury cruise and our London & Downton Abbey adventures progress. Hope you enjoy reliving our month abroad with us! Bon voyage . . .

May 2019 in Europe

We’ve started Postcards from Jiles to journal our European adventures. For those of you who don’t know, I’m Jennifer and my husband’s Miles and “Jiles” is the combo of our names. The nickname was given to us when we first started dating. It stuck. lol.

Now that we’re blessed with unlimited vacation time — Miles retired several months ago — we decided to spend the month in Europe. We booked a Mediterrian Cruise on Oceania’s Marina. And because Downton Abbey was the first show we binged in retirement we decided to go back to London for the remainder of the month.

I enjoy writing postcards and our Old Town Post “postcards” are a reflection of the handwritten cards we mailed plus a few snapshots along the way. We hope you enjoy following our European adventure!

Postcards from Jiles are a way for you to travel along with us. We’ll, of course, elaborate on the deliciousness of the trip in articles when we get home. 

Ok. Europe. Our sneakers are packed! Jetset Jiles is on the way . . .

xxx, Jenjen & Miles

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