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Monaco. Monte Carlo! Magnifique . . .

Postcards from Jiles

Wednesday, 10 May 2019

Bonjour mes amis!

Monte Carlo is soooo gorgeous! The grass and flowers are so perfect I got up close to make sure they were real! It’s the second smallest country in the world — only one square mile in size.

We’ve been here since yesterday. We anchored out in the morning then were docked overnight. We were fortunate that our port-side stateroom was facing Monaco. It was seriously the most breathtaking view at night. All the lights were a twinkle lighting up the country. Just the prettiest view to fall asleep to. The weather was perfect so we had the veranda door open for fresh air. What a magnificent night’s sleep!

After our family field trip and wine tasting in Nice, Miles and I decided to explore explore Monte Carlo a bit. . . and shop. Papa went back to the ship to rest and Mama came along with us to people watch . . . and shop.

We took a darling little water taxi, Bateau Bus, from one side of the port, past all the grand and glorious yachts, to the side with the grand and glorious casino . . . and the shopping.

First we went into the Le Casino. The content of our bags were checked at the door. It’s a stunningly beautiful building — inside and out! Miles got a hat as a souvenir that he’s looking forward to showing his poker buddies. In order to get into the gaming area you actually have to pay 17 euro. Miles stood at the door and took a picture. He got yelled at by security. But all’s good, he got the shot! lol. Here it is . . .

After Le Casino, we went to Cafe des Paris. Oh. My. Golly. Talk about great people watching! Remember I said, Saint Tropez had a casual effortless chic to the clothing. Well, Monte Carlo is a full on fashion show.

After we finished our glasses of Provençal rosé, we strolled around town a bit to soak in the beauty then went into some shoppes. Mama was with us so it’s no shocker that Chanel was our first stop — it’s like Miles and Burberry.

I had white Chanel sunglasses years ago. I think I got to wear them once before they disappeared — and I’m usually very good with sunglasses. Haven’t had any luck finding a replacement in the states but Monte Carlo had some tucked away! Great find!

Then keeping with my white theme. I snagged a white Hermes bracelet before we headed back to the ship. We also got Mama one for Mother’s Day this Sunday. But I told her she has to give it back to us before we part ways in Rome after the cruise so we have it when we do our VAT stuff in London. lol.

I’ve been wanting a Hermes bangle for awhile. Love that when I look at it I’ll think of our time in Monte Carlo!

À votre santé!!!

xxx, Jenjen & Miles

p.p.s. We were at Horizons tonight talking to Marck, great guy and Marina’s GM — kinda the Captain Steubing of the ship. He asked if we saw the yacht with the waterfall on the stern. We did actually notice it — that was the first time I’d ever seen a waterfall on a boat. Very very beautiful. Anyway, he told us the yacht cost something like 358 million and they only use it 8 days a year!

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