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Postcards from Jiles

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Bonjour mes amis!

We visited Antibes (pronounced: Antib) in France. By far one of my favorite stops! The tender took us to the Old Town area which actually had a similar vibe to our Old Town  .  .  . plus a few hundred years and a distinctly French flair ;-).

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Went to their daily market that sells produce, flowers, fish, cured meats and a bunch of glorious cheese! And I’ve never seen and smelled so many gorgeous heirloom tomatoes. I really felt like I was having this very serious French Ina Garten moment! 

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We were also able to hit a couple flea markets and got six pretty silver spoons to eat Stoovers with (that’s Flemish Beef Stew and it happens to be the new signature dish of Jiles)! The woman gave us the spoons matching ladle as a gift :-). 

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The market had a little of everything. Silver. Antique monogrammed napkins. Vintage designer bags. It was so fun to look at everything in the open air. I’d love to see a market like that in our Market Square a couple days a week — it feels so old world chic. 

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Old Town Antibes has a current artsy vibe but it’s attracted artists for a long time. I can see why it’s gorgeous and so relaxed there — maybe it has to do with the absinthe. One of the most famous absinthe drinking artists was Picasso. He used to live in a stunning villa here overlooking the Med that is now the Picasso Museum.

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We were able to tour that once they opened back up after the long French lunch hour — our fault we timed our day incorrectly.  I love a museum that was once a home. It wasn’t decorated as a house would be with furnature but it was still neat to see his artwork on the walls where he use to live. 

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While we waited for the museum to open back up we went for a walk and explored. We saw the beach. And there were tons of yachts so big I wasn’t sure if they were mega yachts or mini ships. lol. 

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And there was a sweet little carousel near the water. I’ve been saying for years I think a patriotic carousel would be great at the foot of King Street!

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 5.42.11 PM

We managed to have some time today to goof around some of the current art scene. Artists actually have galleries among the ramparts that once protected the city. What a way to modernize! Similar to our Torpedo Factory. lol. 

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On the inside of town across from the ramparts full of art are shops and cafes. So much fun for people watching. Seemed like a mix of locals and tourists alike.  

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Today was such a relaxing day. Antibes is so walkable! Even with us having to tender I never felt rushed to soak it all in and run back to the ship before they pull anchor. We even managed to sit outside and people watch while enjoying some rosé and crêpes.  The place we went to was called Les Filles du Micocoulier and it was situated next to the market. O.M.G. Seriously, one of the best things I’ve ever eaten! Tell you all about it when we get home

À votre santé!!!

xxx, Jenjen & Miles 

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