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Livorno — The Port That Gets You to Florence, Tuscany, and Pisa . . .

Postcards from Jiles

Sunday, 14 May 2019


Today we’re docked in a very industrial port in Italy called Livorno. We thought the view we woke-up to was kinda funny. Here’s the view from our stateroom . . . .

Here’s today’s breakfast view. . . .

Livorno was rather unremarkable. There was a free shuttle that took you into town — and it really just felt like some ordinary city.

We thought for sure there would be something interesting and unique to explore as tourists, but compared to our other stops on the cruise it was pretty ordinary. The statue on the post card seems to be their claim to fame. Well, that, and McDonalds. . . .

Here is what was no-one told to us however. We were given a ticket to get on the free shuttle into town. Well, that “ticket” wasn’t for the free shuttle. It was a transfer ticket to go to Pisa. That would have been sooooo perfect!

Oceania’s excursions to Pisa seemed a bit long for our taste — half a day. We were totally interested in seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Thing was everybody told us that there is nothing else to do there so we didn’t want to devote precious hours on Pisa.

Pisa was very close, only a half an hour away. Oceania also had some nice looking excursions to Florence and Tuscany but it seemed like they would have taken-up the whole day.

So today, we really just got in some steps and hopped the free shuttle bus back to the ship. We didn’t even bother stopping for a drink and people watching. Marina is a way better spot to grab a Prosecco and a Bud Light! lol.

Next time, we would either take the transfer to Pisa to get our instagram on. Or just stay on board. So much to do on the ship! We’ll tell you much more about the ship when we get home. We *love* the Oceania line!

Ciao. Ciao.

xxx – Jenjen & Miles

p.s. When I say everybody said there was nothing but the tower in Pisa I mean fellow cruisers. We were the cruise virgins on board — most passengers had cruised with Oceania multiple times. One legendary couple was actually on their 60th cruise!

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