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Strolling Around Spectacular Sorrento . . .

Postcards from Jiles

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Hello Friends!

Today we arrived on the Amalfi Coast and it sure is pretty and interesting! Sorrento seems extra spectacular — especially compared to where we were yesterday.

We took the tender in to the mainland and that took only a few minutes once we were moving. Pretty neat way to see the coast line. From our port we hopped a complimentary shuttle bus and took it up a (non scary) curvy road for about 5 minutes to the main area.

The shuttle bus drops you at a souvenir shop (that has very nice bathrooms). Evidently, Sorrento is known for an artistic type of inlaid wood. It’s very pretty. They ship. But we didn’t buy anything.

You can tell Sorrento is a quality place. The pedestrian street is filled with nice boutiques, eateries, and pizzerias. Even the shop where we bought the post cards had some nice quality items inside — we bought an artsy decorative ceramic tile. It’s reminiscent of a local home, the landscape, and it has a lemon on it. We also got some nicely wrapped lemon soap for gifts. We walked around a bit then decided to get drinks and Miles had a hankering for cake.

This picture is the calm before the storm. The pigeons in Sorrento are CRAZY! They have no fear of people like they do in the United States. And they’re smart too. You see that tray of complimentary snacks that the Europeans so properly provide you with when ordering drinks. Well . . .

After Miles finished his cake and cappuccino he went to the loo and and I was by myself at the table. A pigeon swooped in, nicking my hair with his wing, put his feet on the snack triplicity and knocked all the snacks to the ground. Then, I swear, he looked at his buddies and nodded. Finally all his buddies flew down for their afternoon snack too. I did this faint kinda scream and was a bit in shock.

Finally, Miles strolled on back to the table. When I told him what happened he looked at me like I was crazy. I think he thought I was being more dramatic than what really took place. Well, guess what, after we were served another set of snacks the pigeons decided to strike again. There were more than the last time and they were flying right next to my head. They were on the table. They were on the floor. They were feasting. They were crazy!

After our experience at the Crazy Pigeon Cafe we decided to stroll around the main shopping street which was all pedestrian. It’s flat and easy walking. We actually wore our espadrilles instead of sneakers today and were just fine!

Tomorrow we’re anchored out of Amalfi. That’s supposed to be really walkable too. Think we’re going to try and get back into Jacques for dinner tonight!

Ciao. Ciao.

xxx – Jenjen & Miles

p.s. Today I sipped my first Prosecco in Italy.

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