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When in Roma . . .

Yea. We know. Not our most original title! But we had to do it.

When in Rome . . . Pa da da.

Postcards from Jiles

Friday, 17 May (Miles’ Birthday!!!) & Sunday, 18 May 2019

Ciao bellas!

Yesterday was our last morning on Oceania’s Marina. We disembarked at the port of Civitavecchia, Italy. It was actually kinda sad. What an amazing cruise!

We took a private car to Rome versus using Oceania’s transportation. The drive was about an hour and a half and we shared the car with Mama and Papa. It was actually it was a little Mercedes van which was absolutely necessary with all our luggage — we all overpacked! smh.

Along the drive to Rome, we saw a few working girls on the side of the highway (think 495 and Route 1). And people pulling over to pick-um-up. Yep. Didn’t expect to see that on the way to Vatican City.

We’re staying at the Hotel Piranesi for two nights to explore Rome with the ‘rents before heading off to London by ourselves for the rest of the month. Mama and Papa stayed here before and loved the location. We’re just down the street from the Spanish Steps and luxe shopping! We’ll give you the skinny on the hotel when we get back.

Rome appears to be a big small city. It’s a pretty city. And it’s a pretty chic city. Lots of designer duds. Classic yet current in their dress. Fun people watching among such classical architecture!

It’s a great city for Miles to celebrate his birthday in. Yesterday was all about him. Whatever he wanted to do for his birthday. Can you guess that lounging, day drinking, and spaghetti were involved?!! Not quite the spaghetti dinner I surprised him with last year. lol.

Our rooms weren’t ready when we got there so we got some pizza at a joint down the street from the hotel. Our first pizza in Italy! Then we went back to toast Miles’ birthday on our huge private balcony with some of the rosé we got in Nice.

After an afternoon of sipping rosé (and some beer — Miles’ b-day after all) on the balcony we went out for more Italian food. When in Rome. The birthday festivities ended on the Spanish Steps for our #stepsofjiles Instagram shot. lol.

Miles’ birthday was a really relaxing day. And you kinda need that with all the go-go-go of cruising. But today we were total go-go-go tourists. It was our only full day and we really made the most of it. Rain and all. We laced up our Stan Smith’s, put on our raincoats, and climbed aboard the hop-on hop-off Big Bus tour.

The big attraction Miles really wanted to see was the colosseum. We hopped off for that one. After our photoshoot we went to a great lunch spot across the street called the Royal Art Cafe. What an amazing lunchtime view!

I was really big on wanting to go to Vatican City. We wondered around. Stared at the majesty of the smallest sovereign state on the planet. And, of course, took pictures. Where we screwed up, was not making arrangements with contacts before we went in order to get a decent private tour. The lines are tremendous. To really do it right you’d need to devote at least a whole day to the Vatican. But we made the most of it and I wrote postcards in their cute little post office / gift shop.

We got lots of Roman highlights in. We got lots of pictures. And we had a really nice lunch overlooking the Colosseum. Tell you all about that when we get home.

Arrivederci Roma. Off to London tomorrow! Vroom . . .

Ciao ciao!

xxx – Jenjen & Miles

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