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London Baby . . .

We’re gonna be one notch down of Joey Tribbiani with his Union Jack top hat.

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Tourist baby. London baby!

Postcards from Jiles

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Hello there!

We’re in London, baby! London. Baby.

Golly do we love London. This trip is actually a bit of a do-over from our last one. We were a bit too lackadaisical last time and never got to many activities you’d expect to experience in London.

Miles actually said he felt sorry for me that we never did any of the royal stuff. Awe. So this time we’ve done extensive research, we got in our map, and we planned London in the BuJo.

Interestingly, as I’m finding during our first month abroad in retirement, we’re more apt to do stuff. Walk. Play tourist. Explore. Take pictures. When Miles was still working, vacations were more about relaxing. Being still. Drinking beer and wine. Watching people. Taking pictures.

But life’s a vacation now — with some doctors appointments sprinkled in to keep us structured. lol. Yep, life’s a vaca! Well, a luxury vaca. Actually, life’s a luxury vaca that we blog about!

So excited about our time in London. We’ve got lots to look forward to . . .

Kensington Palace. Wiltons. The Ivy. The Ritz. Bond Street. The Burberry Flagship Store (Miles’ loves his Burberry). Fortnum & Mason. Book of Mormon. Highclere Castle. Oh my golly! We’re gonna need to take a vacation to recuperate when we get home.

We’re not going to write everyday while we’re here — too much to do. #JetSetJiles. lol. We’ll fill you in on all the delicious details of #LondonLife when we get back across the pond!


xxx – Jenjen & Miles

p.s. If you haven’t seen Joey in London lately. Have a look at this. It’ll make you lol. #LondonBaby

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