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Our Bellissimo Balcony at Hotel Piranesi — Rome Italy

We enjoyed a two night stay at the Hotel Piranesi to explore Rome with Mummy and Papa, before heading off to London by ourselves for the rest of the month. The hotel is in a great location — just down the street from the Spanish Steps and sumptuous shopping! The parents have stayed here before and loved the location.

As a first timer in Rome, seemed like it was a pretty nifty location to me! The hotel is an old mansion converted into a hotel. And our private balcony — huge. It’s got two lounge chairs and a round table with two chairs. We toasted to Miles’ birthday out there with some of the rosé we got in Nice.

Our room is charming and sweetly decorated with fabric on the wall to match the fabric on the bedspread. The room is very large by European standards ⁠— heck, even by American standards. They describe it as: cozy rooms furnished in a classic style . . . in the heart of Rome. Very good description.

That said, I must warn you that I am a linen snob. The bed is not what I consider to be a luxurious situation. It’s a king size but the sheets are not crisp sateen cotton with an enormously high thread count. No fluffy white duvet. The pillows are flat. The bed is hard. If you can get past that you’ll have a wonderful stay.

I had a hard time with it. Miles thought it was funny. We long for our lovely luxurious Oceania bed. But it was just two nights.

Truthfully, we were pretty tired by the time we hit the sheets. We were super touristy in Rome. Hopping on and off the double decker buss to see all of the different ancient sites. And just soaking up Roman culture, food, and drink in general.

Speaking of food and drink, the hotel had a bar lounge area. If we wouldn’t have had such a glorious balcony I imagine it would have been a pretty space to write postcards, or read, or Facebook.

There was also a sweet little breakfast to start the day. They were renovating where it normally is so we were in the lower level. Nice room, but no windows.

Also, last but not least, if the balcony is your thing make sure you book a room with one. There appeared to be more rooms without balconies than with them. BUT, there is a big ol’ rooftop for folks to enjoy!

Ok, luxury travelers! If you want a cozy rooms furnished in a classic style . . . in the heart of Rome, with a hard bed but a fabulous balcony, Hotel Piranesi is a fabulous choice!


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