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Fish Hawk — The Tides Inn Resort’s New Poolside Restaurant

The Tides Inn’s old poolside restaurant, Commodores, has been updated and transformed into the new eye-catching and tasty Fish Hawk. And it is costal cute. Cute. Cute. Cute.

Fish Hawk sells costal resort favorites such as Strawberry Daiquiris, Spiced Shrimp, and S’mores kits for the nightly fire pit everyone. Both kiddo and adult is sure to find a fav.

We had drinks from Fish Hawk fetched to us poolside everyday and we ate there twice for lunch. As one would expect from a poolside spot, it’s very casual. They have a range of seating from lounge chair, to picnic table under the sun, covered and shaded outdoor tables, as well as a bar and tables inside.

Opting for air-conditioned comfort one day we took a table inside by the window overlooking Carter’s Creek. In addition to the delicious casual fare, we were treated to a colorful show of a handful of sailboats maneuvering around the calm waters.

The sailboats were either for one or two people. Flying Scots. The flotilla that we happened to be spying on was all piloted by children. Each child had their life vest on. And each sailing vessel was adult free. It was remarkable to watch these kiddos, who had obviously been doing this for a long time, maneuver with such ease. Instinctive and effortless in their sailing. Ducking at the right moment when the boom had to shift. Pulling the keel up at just the right moment before beaching the boat. Collapsing the sail. Tidying everything up. Then they all hopped aboard their Walk Around to presumably rendezvous with their parents. It was a rather fun show!

In addition to the show, we enjoyed two meals/snacks at Fish Hawk. Their menu is filled with summer favorites. I’d say one of the top five foods that scream summer to me is: corn on the cob! Plus Miles L.O.V.E.S. corn!

We actually ordered the Corn on the Cob with Cotija cheese twice! Cotija is a salty cows milk cheese that originated in the Mexican town of Cotija de Montaña. In addition to the Cotija the corn also came with drawn butter — Miles had to be really careful not so spill on his new Burberry t-shirt and trunks!

The drawn butter also came with the Peel and Eat Carolina Spiced Shrimp which Miles enjoyed. In addition to the drawn butter, the Carolina shrimp were also plated with roasted lemon and Old Bay aioli.

For lunch one day we split a cheeseburger with coleslaw and fries (and corn on the cob!). I’m picky about my coleslaw and this was good. Mayo based. Not too soupy. Good cabbage to carrot to mayonnaise ratio.

The cheeseburger we indulged in was the Signature Burger. It was on the softest toasted bun dressed with caramelized onions, pecan smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and house sauce. The house sauce was good. It was mayonnaise based with a slight reddish tint. Our best guess is mayonnaise, a little ketchup, and lemon. The burger itself was on the thinner side versus some monstrosities out there so it was easy to eat and not messy. There really was plenty to share. And it was simply delish!

And the fries. Oh. The fries. They had a crunchy and textured outer layer affixed to the potato. We’re pretty sure they were fried in duck fat. Sooo good.

I do regret not trying the Old Bay Edamame. Just not enough time. I thought that could be easy, fun, and tasty treat to recreate for the docks. Oh well. Next time . . .

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