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The Water Taxi — Broadening the Old Town Lifestyle to a Coastal Experience Inside the Beltway

Before Miles retired. We used to joke that we didn’t leave Old Town on the weekend unless it was by water. Before Nautical Jiles (our 38 foot Sea Ray docked at the foot of King Street) we had Miles to Go (a 19 foot Hurricane runabout).

Miles to Go was like a having a Porsche Boxter on the Potomac — it was just the same as hopping in, well, our Boxter, except on the river. We took her everywhere. All the time.

Nautical Jiles requires a little more planning to take out. But thanks to the Potomac Riverboat Company’s Water Taxi we’re still mobile on the water.

I asked Miles if he thought coastal culture had increased in recent years. And we both agreed that the evolution of The Potomac Riverboat Company’s water taxis has become an additional commuting resource for Old Towners.

The super practical reason for an annual pass for the water taxi is to commute to work. The super fun reason for an annual pass for the water taxi is to go places by water. Double date night at the Wharf. Sunday funday with friends in Georgetown. Sunset at National Harbor. Going to DC to get your steps in playing tourist. Endless possibilities.

An annual pass runs $199. We use it for work and pleasure (but in reality as luxury lifestyle bloggers work and pleasure are the same). And right now, if you qualify, you can get some money back from the City of Alexandria for using the water taxi (and with what we pay in taxes who doesn’t want some moolah back).

The shut-down of the Metro has forced some folks to the river to commute. The City of Alexandria is providing a partial reimbursement for using the water taxi for work purposes (our annual passes were $199 each and the city reimbursed $100 each). To apply for reimbursement click on this link and fill out the 12 questions (make sure you have a picture of your receipt).

Oh, the water taxi, opening-up the Old Town lifestyle to a true coastal experience inside the beltway.

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