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Cafe 44 Overlooking the Potomac — Perfect Spot for Coffee & Blogging in Old Town

Cafe 44 on the Potomac (or as the locals call it, Cafe 44) has gorgeous views overlooking the Potomac and Oronoco Bay Park. It’s sleek and fresh yet inviting on the 4th floor of 44 Canal Center.

The boxwood accented cafe with pops of orange provide lots to look at but it’s not distracting when when I’m trying to write, or Miles is trying to edit our words and photos. And they’ve got tremendously comfortable contemporary chairs.

The music is hip and trendy but relaxed and calm — as is the staff now that I think about it.

It’s a perfect spot for writing. I feel like I’m in a Parisan brasserie overlooking the Potomac River.

And here’s the real kicker. They. Serve. Starbucks. So you’re getting your venti latte fix while supporting a local business. How great is that? And should hubby feel like a bud light instead of a coffee they have that too. And champagne. And a full bar. And happy hour.

Cafe 44

44 Canal Center Plaza #401 | Alexandria, VA 22314


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