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Mason Social — Our Favorite Spot for Chili & Empanadas

One of our favorite neighborhood spots in Old Town is Mason Social. They describe their cuisine as “Modern American.” The food — delicious. The service — outstanding.

We decided to call the decor “polished urban” with exposed brick, library leather chairs, and mason jar lighting hanging from the ceiling. PLUS they’ve got Turner Classic Movies muted on the dining room television. So clever!

The menu is delightfully diverse, and they’ve got some great deals on various days of the week. One deal, however, they’ve always got going is the Mason Chili. It only costs 7 bucks!

It’s one of my favorite chilis (next to my own – lol) and they serve it year round. I’m more of a chili soup fan versus the stuff that’s so thick you can eat it with a fork. The Mason Chili is a beef and bean chili with some great flavor. They garnish it well with shredded cheddar cheese, scallions, and a dollop of sour cream. It also comes with a generous portion of garlic toast.

The Mason Chili is really is enough for a whole meal. But their empanadas are so darn tasty that we always split those as an appetizer when we order the chili. The flavor of the empanadas and the chili really compliment each other nicely.

You get three empanadas for 12 bucks. The reason you only see one in the shot is because we both grabbed one and started eating. Here’s what the platter actually looked like before I zoomed in on the lonely empanada . . .

The empanadas are stuffed with shredded beef, sweet potato, and raisins. They’re garnished with chopped scallions and plated with ramekins of chimichurri and habanero sauce. They’ve got a delicious kick!

There ya have it. A 26 dollar dinner for two in Old Town. That’s a bargain!

Mason Social

728 North Henry Street
Alexandria, VA — 22314

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