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Old Dominion Boat Club’s Backpack & School Supply Drive — In Partnership with DASH & ACPS

Old Dominion Boat Club (ODBC) members once again shows the community their generosity. This time by hosting a backpack and school supply drive for local kiddos in need.

Every year DASH partners with the Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) to collect backpacks and school supplies. If you bring a school supply to a DASH bus you get to ride for free. Then DASH distributes the donations to ACPS. This year, we thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we had a box in the Clubhouse Lobby for people that wanted to donate?

Last Monday night, the ODBC Board of Governors approved our request to put a box in the lobby for donations. So we repurposed a big Burberry bag and hurried it to the Clubhouse lobby!

This was our goal. To fill this box. And give it to DASH to distribute to ACPS.

Then this happened . . .

Then this . . .

Until ultimately we had this . . .

We had so much stuff we weren’t sure if we were both going to fit in the car!

We both did end up in the car and we got the stuff safely to DASH. Did you know that DASH stands for Driving Alexandrian’s Safely Home? A fun little fact.

Our last picture with the school supplies in DASH lobby.

We collected lots of backpacks and supplies. Thousands of dollars worth. ODBC members were so very generous. A huge thank you to the Old Dominion Boat Club for helping out lots of grateful kiddos and teachers!

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