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Caviar at Café Carleton at the Greenbrier Resort

Last Saturday we went to Café Carleton for some live music and caviar. The lounge is named after Carleton Varney who took over for Dorthy Draper, the Greenbrier’s famous interior designer. The room is red. Very red. With theatrical murals of yesteryear surrounding the space. The chairs are cozy and welcome you to settle in for the evening.

The bar is vast and the fare is limited. Specializing in only in caviar, oysters, cheese, and charcuterie. Plus some good old fashioned popcorn tossed in truffle oil and butter.

They have infused liquors like banana nut rum. They even have an absinthe bar cart the’ll wheel to your table. Not our thing, but it looked cool.

Our thing. Our thing, was the caviar!

We don’t eat caviar out very often so this was a treat! Café Carleton serves it with blinis but Miles was very concerned that the’d also have crackers. He likes his caviar best with crackers. lol. I’ve never bothered with blinis at home. We always just use a fancy cracker from the market.

Oh, then there’s my caviar dip that I serve with potato chips. Maybe I’ll make that for this Saturday’s TWIG Homes Tour and publish the recipe next week. hmmm . . . for more info on the Historic Homes Tour check out the Zebra’s article . . . . Ok, back to last Saturday’s caviar experience . . .

The experience is fun. Romantic. Café Carleton serves their caviar with yukon gold potato blinis, crème fraiche, shallots, chives, capers, egg yolk, and egg whites. It’s so thoughtful to make different toasts up for each other. I love the romance of feeding each other. It never gets old. Awe! <3

Café Carleton was only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So in order to have our caviar experience at the Greenbriar we needed to schedule ourselves accordingly. They have live music from 7:30 to midnight (mostly show tunes plus a little Up on the Roof and Sweet Caroline). The bartenders couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful giving us the lay of the land of not only Café Carleton but all of the resort.

Oh, and we feel a need to say, they’re serious about the dress code, y’all. We saw 4 or 5 people get asked to leave Café Carleton. Be sure to check out the Resort’s dress code before you pack! Getting dressed and seeing other peoples digs is a fun part of the Greenbrier experience. It’s nice to see people dressed for the occasion!

Wowza, yep, last Saturday, great date night! Thank you, my love! <3

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