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Becoming butterflies? What if we’re in our cocoons right now?

You probably don’t know this but I (Jennifer) studied humanities and taught in that realm for a decade — mythology was one of my favorites. I was in the process of ending my teaching career when Miles and I got together (not good hours for a relationship and I wanted to be married).

It’s been quite a while since I had my teachin’ cap on, but with such a significant event on the planet I can’t help but look at it from that lens. When the reality of the coronavirus was revealed. I started to look at this from a different perspective. How did the stuff I used to teach in my mythology classes fit into “this.”

People are scared. People are frustrated. People are sick. People are suffering. But what else? I started contemplating. Why is this happening. Has it happened before? Is there folklore? Is there history? How does this theory relate to that? Is there something bigger here than the virus?

When I used to teach mythology, this was my first slide:

Mythology does not mean false.

It is a belief of significance that cannot necessarily be proven.

Before I begin today’s musing I thought I’d point that out. If you look at this from an academic perspective and don’t believe it. That’s fine. Simultaneously, if something sparks or resinates with you and you choose to believe it. That’s fine. Neither needs to judge the other. Neither needs to judge themselves. (That’s something I used to teach too, now that I think about it — The Law of Non-Judgment)

Versus focusing my attention on the heartbreaking images of hospitals and nursing homes (if you haven’t already please check out my story on moving my mother-in-law during this). Some thoughts I had today revolved around nature.

What if the planet is healing herself right now? What it all the negativity on this earth built up so much that we just needed to shut down the planet? What then can we each do as part of the human race for the evolution of our planet?

Remember, studying caterpillars and butterflies when we were kids? That’s where my mind went today. Thinking about the miracle of caterpillars turning into butterflies. For me, that was like a *big* deal. There was event that The Very Hungary Caterpillar book. I can still picture that cover and I have seen the physical book in several decades.

The concept of the caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly fascinated me as a child. How can the soul of a caterpillar go into the soul of a butterfly? How can that be the same person?

You’ve got a cute little caterpillar lives so close to the earth. Walking around freely taking it all in. Going about his business. There’s nothing wrong with being a caterpillar. It’s a darn good life. Then one day. BOOM. He’s in a cocoon.

What if with this self isolation and social distancing we’re currently experiencing is our cocoon?

We have a choice right now. We can come from fear. And worry. Worry. Worry. What’s going on with the market? How am I going to pay my mortgage? We can constantly infuse ourselves with scary negative information from the media. It can consume us. The negative.

Of course, we want to be aware of what’s going on outside of our cocoon. That’s human. That’s smart. But we can be thankful for the knowledge and then go about our day feeling gratitude and love for what is ok in the world.

It’s very human to have moments of fear. What I’ve chosen to do, if fear bubbles to the surface, is to take my hand to my heart and say:

I release fear.

I release anger.

I release all that has trapped me in the density of this experience.

Don’t worry. It can be done very discretely. I did it for three days before I told Miles about it. lol.

I know there is fear. People have every right to that emotion. What we’re going though is like something I never thought I would go through in my lifetime. I’m sure parents, caregivers, small business owners, frontline workers and more must feel like the weight of the world is on you. I sincerely thank and honor you, BTW. I’m very grateful.

It is precisely within a space of gratitude where I choose to spend the majority of my emotions. With all of the outside noise quiet now. It’s been easier to listen. And be grateful for everything positive as you are aware of such destruction.

I can’t help but wonder: Can this cocoon be a glorious opportunity for the human race? I think so. We are forced to look think and feel beyond ourselves in an attempt to save other humanity. We are suddenly seeing that we are all one. We’re all connected. What an opportunity in your existence in this lifetime. What a gift.

We’ve seen crisis before. However, in my lifetime, it’s happened then we come together after the fact for a bit of time. Then people have gone back to their old isolated “me me me” ways.

What if this longer period of time in your cocoon was a chance to really better yourself *forever* — for the remainder of this lifetime?!! What if while we’re in our cocoons Mother Earth has a chance to heal herself? What if you expand your being? What if you become comfortable with stillness? What if you listen to the messages you can suddenly hear because you are still? What if you connect with nature because outside our homes that’s the other place we’re safe? What if you learn something new. What if you practice something you’ve been wanting to do but never thought you had the time for?

What if when all this lifts, you emerge from your cocoon a butterfly? Kinder. Gentler. Balanced. More grateful. More loving. More loving of your loved ones. More loving of strangers. More loving of yourself.

That’s something worth getting excited about. Welcome your light to extinguish this dark. Sending lots of love and healthy vibes! xxx

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