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Pineapple Posts — Welcome Your Light

Here’s a picture of Miles and I exploring in London just about a year ago. Really not that long ago but literally a lifetime away. This time last year, we had every intention to spend a month in Europe annually. And do a lot more domestic travel to really punch up the luxury travel angle of the blog.

We get so many positive comments from friends around town and on social media about the adventures of the retired life of Jiles (Jennifer + Miles = Jiles). I thought: Great! This is a calling. It’s fun. It’s really like play time for grown-ups.

People tell us how much fun they had following our trips. They ask where we were going next. Tell us how we inspired them to book a cruise. Ask questions about about one of our vacations. Seek guidance on what reservations to make. I admit the interest was surprising to us but we felt like we accidentally fell into a following and we couldn’t let them down. lol.

I thought: Ok. Great! We’re helping people live their best life in their hometown and on their travels. This is bringing people joy. This makes Jiles happy. We had big plans for rolling out additional media in 2020 and 2021. And it was going to really help people. This can’t get any better.

I was riding my happy wave when suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the planet shut down. Every human being is affected by the Coronavirus. And a collective experience is happening around the world.

So I, like everyone on the planet, didn’t paint the picture I saw for my 2020. 2020. Hmm. The numbers of perfect vision and the year I believe we will all start to see things clearly.

We, as human beings, are gonna’ look back on as the year when everything changed. And once we come through “this” the world will be a better place. We will be a more loving, kind, mindful, peaceful, compassionate, generous, grateful, sovereign people. We will realize that we are much more similar than we are separate. We will value every human. Every human. And we will value Mother Earth and all her glorious creatures.

I know the quarantine is a lot for some folks. I’ve been joking that it’s nothing for me. I’m a GenX. Grew-up before the internet. Latch-key toting. Mother had a profession outside the home. Stranger-danger aware. Only child. “This” is nothing.

We, in Virginia in America, have what I think is a pretty lax quarantine. My friend in South Africa, Dawn (@dawnboothbooks), is only allowed outside her home once a week for grocery shopping and they banned cigarettes and alcohol. I know a ton of folks that would be freaking out around here if they couldn’t have a drink! Heck, we’re even doing virtual cocktail parties, for some social interaction.

Speaking of cocktails, our restaurants have even started selling mixed drinks that folks can take “home” to enjoy. Though we do see lots of people standing six feet apart sipping their cocktails while waiting on their carryout — the cops are quite compassionately looking in the other direction. We actually live in what used to be part of Washington DC, and with all that “power” folks need their alcohol right now. lol.

Miles and I aren’t much mixed drink (he’s beer and I’m bubbles) people but he did get a cocktail from a local institution, Landini’s, just to say he did. And I’m going to get a dirty martini before all this is over just to say I had the experience. We’re, actually, really blessed to be able to support local restaurants and get take away to enjoy at home. We order. Eat. Then post about it to drive more business to them.

Well, all that said, the planet is closed so now comes the question: What do we do with our luxury lifestyle, travel, and entertaining blog when we can’t travel or entertain? And I’ve got such an itch to write and contribute to the collective. Especially right now. Especially with “this.”

We’ve (mostly, Jennifer) decided to do a few things.

We’re going to use Pineapple Posts as a diary of sorts chronicling what’s going on with the us, our loves, and the planet right now. This is going to be such an amazing story to tell future generations!

We’ll look at some big musings like the future of the planet. The future of humanity. And we’ll look at some fun stuff like what we’re reading, walking, and TVing.

And, finally, since we all can’t travel and explore the outside right now, I thought I’d do some posts about going within. Some prayers, affirmations, meditations, grounding exercises, feng shui, aromatherapy. IDK, what’s all going to come up! But I’m excited.

I’ve mostly stayed away from such subjects online or in general daily life, they can really open you up to criticism. But everything is different now. And Pineapple Posts is all about living your best life, and to truly do so I believe you have to be connected to your soul. And with what I’m feeling from others right now as we go through “this”, I think this is the best way our blog and social channels can be of service.

I’ve had people reach out to me that are scared right now. And I think creating some spiritual posts are the best way I can serve and help people feel calm right now. People are frighted because of the coronavirus. And people are frightened because they don’t have the usual noise and distractions blocking out their wounds and disappointments. Stuff is bubbling up for folks and it’s time to heal ourselves so we can intern heal the world. World peace first starts with inner peace.

I’m excited that Pineapple Posts will help people welcome their light.

Ok, friends. We’re sending so much light and love to you and the planet. Stay tuned!

xxx – Jennifer (+ Miles)

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