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In what now seems like a separate lifetime, one year ago we were luxury cruisin’ . . .

Bonjour my fellow wanderlusts!

One year ago, in what now seems like a separate lifetime, Miles and I were aboard Oceania’s Marina having the most amazing Mediterranean adventure. Our memories began popping-up on our phone and I thought it might be fun to look back at our postcards from the trip and share them each day — plus then it’s kinda like we’re following our former selves too. lol.

As an intro to what we’ll be posting, I wanted to write a bit about Oceania. The Oceania experience is pure luxury for all of your senses and true excellence in service everywhere on board.

Last year’s cruise was aboard Oceania’s Marina — which is one of the two largest ships in Oceania’s fleet. That said, Marina is still much smaller than other Cruise-lines’ ships which, we believe, then lends itself to a more elite experience. Small = Good!

We boarded into the area with black and white marble floors and Oceania’s signature grand staircase laced with Chihuly glass — which we then took pictures of ourselves and our outfits on every evening. Speaking of wardrobe, Oceania has a Country Club chic dress code. And while it was fun conceptualizing outfits for the trip I will pack very differently on our next luxury cruise — retreading more outfits and not bringing so much stuff. (As a side note, this time last year is when I became obsessed with getting rid of clothes and so many things that no longer serve us. But that’s a whole other post entirely. Back to the cruise.)

In a world that has become more and more casual, it’s kinda’ fun to play dress-up some of the time. (I write from my quarantine leggings. lol.) As another side note, I predict when “this” is over fashion will, of course, exist but I believe everything will be soft and cozy now. How can we possibly give up our comfy cozy and comforting quarantine clothes?

That said, back to the dress code, even the children on board were in dresses and dinner jackets after 5 o’clock in the restaurants — there was one adorable Fendi dinner jacket in particular that I can still see on a 5 year old. It was really super cute!

Speaking of kids, you didn’t see many tiny humans. We traveled with family but we spotted only two young families. And in both those families the kiddos were cursing with parents, grandparent/s or aunt, AND a nanny. So they were very well supervised and engaged the whole time. There were absolutely no kiddos running around, or lacking table manners, and potentially irritating other guests. Oceania actually says on their promotional materials that while they do love children their ships are not the right place for kiddos.

In addition to no kids running around there are no adults jumping around either. This trip was for my 40th and I was a youngin’ on board. If you’re looking for a party ship this is not for you. If you’re looking for refined luxury you’ll love it! Oceania provides a serene spa-like experience that actually extends beyond their award wining Canyon Ranch Spa.

So the spa is serene and on the bow of the ship. We really enjoyed sitting out there in cabana style chairs, with our Kindle books set we choose (set in Europe), and grabbing a steam, or a dip in the hot tub — especially when underway. On our particular cruise we didn’t have sea days so we didn’t have much time to explore the ports of call AND have spa time we crave on this particular trip but, just like changing what we’d pack, we’ll prioritize a bit differently on our next cruise.

Stay tuned for our postcards from our last cruise and some new material — musings on the ship, what she offered, the finest cuisine at sea, drink packages, and what we’re planning on doing differently on our next cruise.

We hope you’ll enjoy reliving our adventure with us. For this first time during “this” my itch to travel is very strong. We’ll all be out there agin soon but this time more playful, more grateful, more mindful, and sovereign. In the mean time, stay safe and healthy out there. Sending so much peace, love, and light your way.

xxx – Jennifer + Miles

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