Quarantine Cards ~ Day 77

Hello dear friends + sweet souls!

Thought I’d start writing some quarantine cards — a quarantine diary if you will. Just like I love to look back on our post cards to see the memories we’ve made I thought I’d also like to look back on this quarantine time. Our postcards chronicle our journeys around the Earth and since we obviously can’t go anywhere this quarantine has really been an inner journey.

Some people have really been struggling with the rules and distancing. I’ve had no problem.

I’m an only child. My parents divorced when I was very young. My mother had a career outside the home. I was a Generation X, latch key, stranger danger aware child. From the age of 8, I got myself to school and I got myself home. I grew up before the internet. I entertained myself. I spent alot of time with me. And I can still remember the national anthem playing after Carson and Letterman and my teeny tiny bedside television turning to snow as there was no more programming until *gasp* the next morning. lol.

It’s like my childhood trained me for this. Ha.

I knew really instinctively how the quarantine was going to go down. How it was going to go down for the retired blogging life of Jiles that is. Someone told me many many years ago when I had to visit somewhere I did not care to visit to turn it into a spa experience. So, back then, I created what my naive young little mind thought was a spa experience.

Well, Miles and I have had a few darn good luxury spa experiences since my tweeny-bopper faux spa days. We’ve been to enough serenity rooms, saunas, whirlpools, hot springs, and zen-Bordeaux-infused-hot-stone-lux massage parlors for inspiration from in turning our very existence into a waking spa.

I’ve got diffusers going. Various aromatherapy blends dance around the house for different times of the day. Plus we mist our world with rekki infused lavender and sage smudging mist.

Not to mention we also have constant zen like spa sounds on loop on our various apple devices.

Morning meditations, followed by [mostly] healthy meals. I’ve had meat from land animals only a handful of times [3 chicken dishes, bacon once, and one burger] since the quarantine started — preferring plant based meals and fish.

It’s with a childlike glee that we walk an average of 5 miles a day now. Even running at parts in an attempt to get a 6 foot distance from our fellow man. Our time in nature has not only been really beautiful, but also very peaceful and empowering. And of course we’re very grateful for our healthy bodies to be able to go on our walks.

I know some people don’t like the distancing. I choose to look at it as the first opportunity in my lifetime to be truly in our own energy. And it’s really amazing to tap into that awareness and awesomeness.

Speaking of our energy and awesomeness, at the last new moon we started a daily Tai Chi practice which requires more discipline than the serenity that exudes from of looking at it. I’ve noticed alot more power in my legs especially when getting on and off our boat. But aside from the physical power it’s providing there is a serenity it also gives. So much peace. And I’m excited about the long term benefits it provides as we grow in years.

Miles has been more passive in his entertainment, preferring bingeable shows in the comfort of his favorite chair. I’ve chosen more of an active balance to my leisure. I binge some really funny stuff with Miles for a few hours a day to keep that laughter and happy really flowing. I’ve also been focusing on some active pursuits during this planetary pause, diving into some online classes to expand my skill set. And we’ve both been reading — Miles his beloved Washington Post and me my metaphysical classics.

And, finally, let’s not forget about the self care. We’ve been self caring our heineis off. Not just our physical bodies. But our home. We’ve been taking care of it all ourselves for the first time in our marriage — our maid hasn’t been in the house for 77 days today. No one has been in our house for 77 days.

77 days. Thinking about that! That’s: 6,652,800 seconds, or 110,880 minutes, or 1848 hours or, 11 weeks, or 21.04% of 2020. Wow. That’s just over 21 percent of the year.

This time has been a glorious and golden opportunity for us. The final loop on the self care for me (Jennifer) has been with regard to forgiveness. I’ve been really forgiving others for what I precieve them to have done to me. And forgiving my past self. Heck, I’ve even done a quantum entanglement activation where I forgive myself and others and send love to all of us. I want this dense stuff in my being gone.

I release fear
I release anger
I release negativity
I realist all that has trapped me in the
density of the 3rd dimension.

This has been one of my big affirmations during all of this. That’s another thing, I’ve been so much better at my mindfulness. It’s so much easier when you’re away from folks. Serenity is easy when you’re at the spa. lol.

During quarantine, away from other peoples energy and just soaking in the vibrations of Jiles, I’ve has so many moments of pure bliss and high vibes. And when I say high vibes I mean I literally feel high yet serene, all powerful, and in complete control. This is what I’m going for and forgiving and letting go of all the past negative is a key. A key to true inner peace.

And I’m forgiving my face off!

Many people are being triggered right now. But from what I hear, this is finally it. We do it and it’s done. Forever. Ancestrial lines. Past lives. Childhood. All the drama. All the trauma. Healed. Inner peace at last. And you know with all of the inner peace will finally come the world peace that we’ve been praying so very hard for, for so very very long. This is a great dawn of the golden age. The beginning of heaven on Earth.

At the beginning of quarantine I wrote about this being like a cocoon for us. I believe that. I approached the piece from a bunch of “what ifs” but I knew it to be true. I just didn’t know how and what exactly would be happening for us. And everyone, has a different story. Everyone, has different triggers. Mine keep coming and I go through my moments but ultimately I feel like I’m knocking them out of the park for good.

Forgiveness is something that is just so miraculously natural to Miles. It is not to me. Actually, Miles is so evolved that he doesn’t really doesn’t even need to forgive, he comes from a natural evolved state of acceptance and non judgement. I admit, this very positive behavior trait, is at times frustrating for me to watch. In my past I’ve been known to hold a grudge. Believing that if you did me wrong everyone should know it and agree with me and withdraw from you. So. Not. Evolved. SMH.

It’s pretty awesome to be in the presence of Miles’ energy. He doesn’t get into the “spiritual” “new agey” stuff like I do. He just likes the spa music. So he turns it on when it goes off. He just likes the way he feels from taking daily walks. So he walks. It’s all very natural for him. And given we’re “retired” we can very easily go with our natural flow during all of this.

We get that going with the natural flow is a luxury we have that many don’t right now. And we’re grateful for that luxury.

Funny. Last year I was billing us as *luxury* lifestyle travel and entertaining bloggers. Obviously, we’re not traveling or entertaining now. Obviously, our lifestyle looks much different from when we were bopping around the Mediterrian and London last year and shopping our bums off. Then coming home to party after party on the docks. One year ago today, we were just getting home from a fabulous month of 3rd dimensional decadence on the continent. Here we are, one year later.

We are starting to long a bit for some travel adventures. And we still like our “fine” things, don’t get me wrong. Plus, Miles is so much more social than I am, so I know he longs for some parties and entertainment.

But Mother Earth and, we all through the Collective Consciousness, have had other plans for us this year. The planet shut down. We’ve been brought to our knees. And it’s, not necessarily what we planned, but it’s been a grand opportunity non the less.

Someday, future generations are going to ask us about this time of great global pause. What’s your story going to be?

Lots of love and healthy vibes to ya, my dear friends!

xxx ~

Jennifer (+ Miles)

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