Details for Letter to the Editor, Selfie & Snapshot, Pet Profile, and story idea submissions can be found here.

Pet Profiles

Want your pet to be featured in Old Town Post’s Pet Profiles

Send your pet’s information to Answer the following questions for the profile:

Name . . . / Breed . . . / Sex . . . / Weight  . . . / Age . . . / My favorite thing to do in Old Town is . . . / My favorite toy is my  . . . / My naughtiest moment was  . . . / I get cranky if  . . .  / I don’t like  . . .  / I love  . . .  / My hidden talent is  . . .  / I’m unique because  . . .

Up to 15 photographs with captions are allowed in each Pet Profile (please send 5 actual size photos in each email – 3 emails total).

See Fefe’s Pet Profile for an example.

Selfies & Snapshots

Have some pictures you think would be great for Old Town Post’s Selfies & Snapshots?

In addition to our regular Selfies & Snapshots, we also have occasional Selfies & Snapshots for special occasions in Old Town. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for notice of our special Selfies & Snapshots.

Send your photos and captions to Please send actual size photos. Up to 5 photos can be sent in one email.

See Alexandria’s Birthday Weekend Selfies & Snapshots for an example.

Letters to the Editor

Have a Letter to the Editor that you’d like published in Old Town Post’s Opinion section? 

Send your Letter along with a photo of you as well as any additional photographs that enhance your piece to Please know we do not publish anonymous letters.

Story Ideas

Have a story idea you think would be good for Old Town Post? 

Send your story idea to

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