Affiliate Links

Old Town Post is part of Amazon’s Affiliate Program. I buy lots of stuff on Amazon and when appropriate I may provide a link to a product on Amazon. For example, here is the table from my birthday party at Hummingbird ->

The table runners, napkins, place cards, and lobster bibs all came from Amazon. I paid for everything and got many compliments so I figured why not share that with readers — y’all might want cloth lobster bibs too! If a reader buys the product through the link, I receive a small commission fee. And, FYI, buying the Amazon product through Old Town Post’s link is of no additional cost to you!

Most of the time, if you see a link from me, it is something I have personally purchased and want to share, just like at my birthday party. Other times you may see affiliate links from me is when there is an event around town and I’d like to provide a visual for the event. A book signing. Movie in the park. Etc. I figure, if you clicked on the article, you may also be interested in owning the product so I post the link for you.

For more information on this and other things check out my Legalese page.

p.s. I own stock in Amazon ;-). I should. I buy lots there!