FAQ & Submissions

Q: Where should I submit story ideas or press releases?

A: Easy enough -> mail@oldtownpost.com

Q: I’d like some press for my restaurant. Will you cover our restaurant / event / new menu?

A: Yes! I love to showcase places and food about town. Miles and I would be glad to come :-).


Q: I’d like my pup to be profiled on Old Town Post. How do I go about that?

A: I love to showcase the fur babies! We are the most dog friendly city in America, after all! Pet Profiles Send your pet’s information to mail@oldtownpost.com. Answer the following questions for the profile:

Name . . . / Breed . . . / Sex . . . / Weight  . . . / Age . . . / My favorite thing to do in Old Town is . . . / My favorite toy is my  . . . / My naughtiest moment was  . . . / I get cranky if  . . .  / I don’t like  . . .  / I love  . . .  / My hidden talent is  . . .  / I’m unique because  . . .

Up to 15 photographs with captions are allowed in each Pet Profile (please send 5 actual size photos in each email – 3 emails total).

See Fefe’s Pet Profile for an example.


Q: I’m also an Old Town Host/ess. Can I submit my recipes for publishing?

A: Absolutely! I publish other hostesses’ unique recipes. Please submit the detailed recipe, as well as a picture of the food, where it was enjoyed, and yourself.


Q: I’m an Old Town Hostess and I’m throwing a special party. Will you cover my party in Old Town Post? 

A: Sure thing! Old Town Post’s readers love seeing other hostesses’ parties — both to be nosy and to get ideas! Here are some questions for you to think about and answer — of course you won’t answer every question for every party but our readers want to really feel like they experienced event:

What was the occasion? / What was the party for? / Was there a vision or a theme? / Was there a guest of honor? / How did you go about planning this party and your other parties? / What’s your creative process? / Do you have any special tips & ricks? / What was your menu? / Invitations? / Guest List? / Surprise element? /  Venu? / Rentals? / Caterer?

Pictures are obviously important. Try to get some before guests arrive to capture all the elements of the room and then lots more once everyone is having fun! Lastly, please submit a recipe from something you served at the party!

Send me an email and we’ll begin to collaborate. When covering a party there is actually a lot to think about before hand to make sure you capture everything.


Q: What’s the deal with your Amazon links? 

A: Old Town Post is part of Amazon’s Affiliate Program. I buy lots of stuff on Amazon and when appropriate I may provide a link to a product on Amazon. For example here is the table from my birthday party at Hummingbird ->

The table runners, napkins, place cards, and lobster bibs all came from Amazon. So I figured why not share that with readers — y’all might want cloth lobster bibs too! If a reader buys the product through the link, I receive a small commission fee. And, FYI, buying the Amazon product through Old Town Post’s link is of no additional cost to you!