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Welcome to Pineapple Posts Media. We develop content to help our readers and viewers create conscious memories. We focus on showcasing playful luxury lifestyle, travel, and entertaining on our blog, IGTV, and our books.

We’re Miles and Jennifer Holtzman living in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia. Sometimes we’re better known as Jiles (Jennifer + Miles = Jiles). A nickname given to us when we first started dating that stuck! We’re living the most luxurious life we can . . . on a pension.

With Miles’ retirement came the freedom to do what we feel like doing everyday. And with the freedom of retirement comes both routine and adventures. Pineapple Posts shows both our routine, such as going to our favorite lunch spots in Old Town, and the adventures we experience on our world travels.

Part of Pineapple Posts Media is Old Town Post. I (Jennifer) created Old Town Post in 2015 as a blog to showcase all things Old Town Alexandria, and that which might be of interest to our readers happening outside of Old Town. With Miles retirement, we decided to work on Old Town Post together and streamline the content to what is reflective of us as well as our unique and collective interests. One thing led to another and we became accidental publishers! Now Old Town Post is a collection of books designed to help you live your best life in your hometown and on your travels.

Where everything with Pineapple Posts and Old Town Post really shifted for us was when we were blessed enough to spend a month in Europe during Miles’s first year in retirement. We were so grateful to go to Europe for a month and play on a pension! After 35 years of work, Miles did have lots of vacation time for some nice trips, but it was an entirely new experience to be gone that long.

We kept getting wonderful comments from people following us on social media like: “that’s a once in a lifetime trip” and “I hope I don’t have to wait retire to go there.” People were asking us for advice on mimicking the trip for themselves. Where’d you stay in Rome? What type stateroom we get on Oceania? What car service did you use in London? Would you recommend Carnarvon Arms for lunch when visiting Highclere Castle? People were interested in the retired life of Jiles.

On that trip is when we began journaling our adventures on the blog (if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Postcards from Jiles feature where you can travel with us on our luxurious Oceania cruise through the Mediterranean and some other great destinations).

We kept telling people what we loved and what we’d do differently. Then it hit us (ok, me, Jennifer) that we really could be of service in sharing our experiences in our travels and around town. Plus, not only does it make us feel really really good to help others live their best life, we’re really having a lot of fun! Also, truthfully, helping others helps us to be conscious about creating our own memories.

On social media in general we all show our best life, but it’s so important to actually live it. Between having elders we love so dearly aging, and loosing our beloved fur baby, it made me so acutely aware that this lifetime is so very short and precious. It’s so important to consciously create your memories. As Carson, in Downton Abbey said, “the business of life is the acquisition of memories. In the end that’s all there is.”

We’re on this planet to have a human experience. To embrace the love, beauty, wonder, differences and similarities in the world. To experience love, sights, tastes, sounds, art, theater, television, words, literature, and laughter. We’re on this planet to live! Our hope is that Pineapple Posts, and its various media outlets, help you to consciously created memories and truly live your best happy, playful, and grateful life.


xxx – Jennifer & Miles

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