Friends of the Alexandria Waterfront

Friends of the Alexandria Waterfront (FAW) | | contributions in any amount welcome

Old Town Waterfront | © Old Town Post
Old Town Waterfront | © Old Town Post

Check out what the FAW says about their Old Town Orginization:

Friends of the Alexandria Waterfront (FAW) strives to enhance and maintain the Alexandria waterfront in a manner which honors its history as well as the history and architectural character of all of Old Town Alexandria.  To that end, FAW will:

  • Continue to raise funds to support the appeal by the “Iron Ladies” to the Virginia Supreme Court challenging the Waterfront Small Area Plan adopted by the Alexandria City Council on January 21, 2012.  FAW also will support financially other relevant legal proceedings, including opposing the City of Alexandria’s appeal of the Board of Zoning Appeals decision requiring a supermajority vote by Council to change the zoning for the City’s W-1 zone and Carr Hospitality’s proposed hotel on the Cummings site.
  • Promote a reconsideration of the Waterfront Small Area Plan, specifically with regard to the redevelopment of the Robinson Terminal and Cummings/Turner properties in a manner consistent with the character of Old Town and which respects Old Town’s physical constraints imposed by its streets and sidewalks and limited parking availability in the waterfront area.  To this end, FAW will organize a citizens group to develop proposals for the redevelopment of specific sites within Old Town.  To the extent possible this group will draw upon the experience of other cities in redeveloping their waterfronts.
  • Address waterfront-related infrastructure issues, including flood mitigation, commercial docking facilities, marinas, and other water-related activities along and near the waterfront.
  • Stimulate the organization of one or more waterfront “friends” groups that will promote the proper maintenance of the waterfront, including lobbying the City for better maintenance of City-owned properties along and near the waterfront as well as more frequent removal of waterborne trash and debris.


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