Thanks for the memories!

Hello neighbors! Hello friends!

You may have noticed Old Town Post has been a bit quiet for awhile now. And it’s been during this quiet and stillness that I’ve received messages to move into another direction with my creations. So I’ve decided to officially put Old Town Post to bed, in order to focus on these other projects.

One such project is our new website, Jet Set Jiles. I’m really excited about it! They’ll still be some Old Town peppered in, along with DC, and life on the Potomac. But as we embrace our freedom again on this beautiful blue planet. And global travel opens more and more, I really want to honor that.

I’ve just felt a need to expand. Clear the old energy. And bring in the new!

So Jet Set Jiles is going to have a whole lotta travels in it, plus a whole lotta eats, doggie, story telling, and flowers, — plus a whole lotta woo woo spiritual stuff that we don’t necessarily tell Miles about. And it’s all going to be infused with really beautiful bright white light.

Old Town Post has been a blast. It’s taught me so much. And I’m so grateful for all of you for tuning in and supporting the project.

I hope you’ll check us out at our new site: Jet Set Jiles! I’m having so much fun putting it together. And can’t wait to share my new offerings with you!

It’s been an honor serving you in Old Town. Sending lots of blessings & bright white light your way!

With so much love and gratitude,

Jennifer (Miles & Chou Chou)

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