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Peaches, Poolside, Pina Coladas and Ponderings at the Greenbrier

Postcards from Jiles

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Hello there!

We decided to honor Sunday, the day of rest, and lounged poolside. It was a nice relaxing afternoon. Slept in. Threw on our bathing suits. Walked to the pool. Grabbed some lunch at the Treetop Café. Frolicked a bit. Had a Pina Colada in the Greenbrier’s signature frozen pineapple. Read some of Howard Stern Comes Again on our Kindles. And finally, hopped the Greenbrier shuttle bus back up to the main hotel.

On an overly scheduled 5 day vaca it’s nice to have a day with not much planned. Miles is actually napping (very odd for him). I’m wrapped up in a lux Greenbrier robe with my freshly washed hair up in a towel. I thought I’d procrastinate a bit on blowing it out and write this postcard.

Speaking of robes, we all know how much my husband loves a good robe. He was a bit distraught not to find a robe and slippers in the room. We then quickly learned, after Miles’ call to the concierge, that the Greenbrier only provides robes and slippers upon request. Two of each were sent to our room within the hour.

Here are few more random things we learned about America’s Resort . . .

Everywhere you eat or drink already has a 20% tip included. No math necessary. lol. There is also has a 6.5% Historic Preservation Fee on your food and beverage.

For guests convenience the spa also has a 20% gratuity added to treatments.

Today we were willy-nilly with our schedule but you really do have to do research and to put together your days here like a well organized puzzle.

Every night when they turn down the room they provide you with a daily guide for the next days activities. It’s great to have the glossy printout but we were researching stuff and logging it into the bujo long before we got here.

There’s stuff that’s actually complimentary at America’s Resort. That kinda shocked me. There’s afternoon tea, for example, in the Upper Lobby at 4:15 daily. They also serve coffee in the gorgeously decorated space until 9am every morning (10 would work better for me — lol — but Miles is sweet to bring me a cup back to the room in the mornings. <3). The Presidents Cottage Museum is also free for guests. We’re going to check that out tomorrow after our horseback riding (which is not free).

The Greenbrier has its own peach orchard. So there are a lot of peach things on the menus. I’m going to seek out their signature peach tea tomorrow. Today I ordered a peach cottage cheese parfait which was delicious!

The pool is very nice. In keeping with the Greenbrier’s decor the plush towels are filled with thick yellow and white stripes.

This place is pretty family friendly. They have a camp like thing for children. And even a book & toy store with a huge learning tree in the middle. The merchandise reminds me of good ol’ Why Not?’s merch (may she rest in peace). At Salamander, they kinda price out the children in the Spa Pool. lol. Here, both the indoor spa pool and the outdoor infinity pool had lots of kiddos roaming about. I even noticed treatments for kids when looking at the spa menu.

They are serious about the dress code here. I saw a family get asked to leave Café Carleton last night. Among many things, you can’t walk through the lobby in pool attire. If you come here. Read the dress code a few times before packing. In a world that’s become inundated with leggings it really is a nice experience to see people dressed for specific occasions.

Noticed a croquet lawn on our walk. Thought that might be neat to check out tomorrow. Some good multigenerational family fun! lol.

Ok. Off to get dressed for dinner. We’re dining with the parents tonight at the Forum (Greenbrier’s Italian restaurant). Tell ya all about it when we get home.


xxx – Jenjen & Miles 

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