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Toasting Our Town — The Historic Alexandria Foundation’s Soiree that Kicks Off the Holiday Season

Miles and I were lucky enough to attend Toasting Our Town — the Historic Alexandria Foundation’s (HAF) annual soiree that kicks off the Holiday season. Last year’s Toasting raised $22k for historic preservation in Alexandria — a cause so important to our charming and historic community!

Miles debuting his new custom Burberry trousers in Old Town for the holiday season!

Our good friend and local socialite, Mary Frances Wood, was the first one to tell us about Toasting. She said everyone pulls out their finest clothes and bobbles for the elegant yet fun event that officially kicks off “the season” — it’s always the Saturday before Thanksgiving. “Everybody is there. Come hungry and bring your checkbook,” Mary Frances told us followed by her signature giggle.

Mary Frances’ good friend and fellow socialite, Mary Sparks Sterling, is on the organizing committee for Toasting. She told us that their motto was “have fun while doing good” (our kinda’ motto! lol). Mary went on to tell us that “the Historic Alexandria Foundation is in its 65th year [and] we have given out over a million dollars throughout the City of Alexandria to historic preservation projects.”

Old Town notable and real estate agent, Babs Beckwith, and McEnearney have been sponsoring the event for 17 years! Babs went on convey that “Toasting our Town is one of the most spirited events of the year, celebrating Historic Alexandria Foundation’s continuing efforts over many decades to protect historic structures in Old Town, homes as well as commercial buildings.  Guests happily purchase tickets for this event to support HAF and they participate with enthusiasm in the silent auction, enjoying drinks, delicious hors d’oeuvres and mingling with Old Town friends and neighbors.  Toasting our Town is an event I look forward to all year long!!!” And, I must say, it’s now an event we look forward to every year!

Miles + Babs Beckwith of McEnearney one Toasting’s corporate sponsors

One last bit on Toasting. Miles and I were told to come hungry. The food at Toasting is evidently legendary. So we came hungry. One thing after another we were tasting was so delicious. We even reminisced about the caviar pie at our wedding when we were biting into it at Toasting. I’ve got some exciting entertaining things coming up on Pineapple Posts (FYI, Pineapple Posts is what you’re reading now — it’s the blog on so I thought: I’m going to have to get the name of the caterer. Then why did my eyes spy? Anita!

Gorgeous flowers and just a bit of the food that was at Toasting. Some of our favs included caviar pie, chicken salad, and deviled eggs.

Our friends and Old Town hosts, Suzanne and Dick Willet, hosted one of our engagement parties. That’s how we first became acquainted with Anita Minor and her food. It was so good we immediately booked her for our wedding. Anita catered our wedding and she catered Toasting. Small world. Amazing food! Amazing cause! Amazing night!

It really was a wonderful night. I love it when we get to spend an evening doing good with some of our favorite people. Here’s one more shot of two of our favorite people from the the Historic Alexandria Foundation’s Toasting Our Town at the Athenaeum and a little post script about them . . . .

Me + Myron + Judy Mintz

Judy and Myron are one of my favorite couples. And two amazing hosts! They’re quick at making you feel special at at ease in their gorgeous home. Plus they’ve got homemade eggnog and fruit infused vodka! lol. Myron really knows London so we rely on him when we jet across the pond. Last trip he steered us to Wiltons which has been around longer than the United States of America. Best dining experience of my life! Ohh. And they had caviar there too!

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