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Old Town Post is Open but Under Construction

Hello friend!

Happy New Year! It’s Jennifer, here. Miles is in his beloved chair binging something that the men folk like. lol.

We know we haven’t posted in a bit. Between the holidays and some exciting things we’ve got coming up we haven’t had the proper time with the blog. And I sure do miss it!

You can see some things are changing on the site. We’ve got stuff to reveal in due time. But in the mean time, the back-end takes ol’ Jenjen a bit of time to get right. Bare with me! You’re sure to question why things look the way they do as I get it to where we want it. But it will be worth it soon. We decided not to shut the site down while we’re redecorating in case folks want to look-up past articles — we’ve actually had several friends traveling to London (lucky duckies) and wanted to look-up some of our stops!

We’re super excited about what’s in the works, and it will all be revealed in due time. Can’t wait for it all to come to fruition and share it with you! It was conceived during this first full year of retirement. And we think it’s really going to help you live your best life in Alexandria and around the globe! (Hows that for a teaser?)

We’re going to start the roll out of our exciting new stuff in February. It’s been a lot of hours in front of the Mac and several classes at the Apple Store but it’s been fun.

Stay tuned!

xxx – Jennifer (+ Miles)

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